Chapter 19: the birthday of the Twins

The girls grew up so fast, it is their birthday already!

Ann loves the colour blue and has got brown hair.

Audrey loves the colour pink and has got red hair.

It now is easy to tell the girls apart.

The girls both get talking lessons.

Audrey is a genie and can already speak when Ann is still having difficulties with saying words.

Audrey is such a smart cookie.

Ann is not that far behind though. Now she can talk too.

Audrey is enjoying herself in the walker.

In the mean time Alfred is building an iglo!

Jay teaches Audrey to walk.

You did it girl!


Lusie teaches Ann to walk.

And soon Ann can walk too.

Alfred is still having fun in the garden.

He just discovered a new star!

Now it is time for the girls to play a bit. They deserve the break after all the lessons.

Aww isn´t that cute! They play together!


Chapter 18: The baby is coming!

Alfred can´t get enough of horses!

When he is big he wants to be a cowboy.

He also wants to paint as good as his parents. He knows he still needs to practise until he is as good as them.

Alfred is a good boy and always does his homework.

Although he is not always a good boy.

He loves to play fairy tricks!

Usually directed at Winnie.

And Winnie does not like it at all. Even dolls can get mad you know.

But she never is mad for long. Alfred wonders how it will be to have a sibling. Maybe he will be able to play pillow fights with him or her just like with Winnie?

Alfred aks Lodewijk the parrot if he has got any siblings, but Lodewijk refuses to say a thing.

Then the day finally arives…the baby is coming!

Jay and Lusie are now the proud parents of twin girls!

It was such a surprise, they never knew they would get twins!

Alfred is proud to be a big brother and often goes to say hi to his sisters. If only he could keep them apart! They just look too much alike.

This is Audrey.

And this is Ann.

Atleast I hope I did not mix up their names! lol 😀

Chapter 17: Alfred´s birthday

Lusie has just found out she is pregnant again!

Jay is so happy and excited.

But today is all about Alfred. It is his birthday!

Alfred tries to blow out his candles, but needs a bit help of mom.

Boys sure grow fast!

They all enjoy eating the birthday cake.

Alfred is not the only one who is growing up. Winnie is now a big doll!

The next morning they go outside to play in the snow.

Together they build a snowman.

It is weekend and Jay doesn´t have to work. The family decides to visit the winter festival.

They have their family picture taken.

Jay takes Alfred iceskating.

Lusie is nto allowed to skate because she is pregnant, but she can join Alfred in making a snowman.

After that Alfred goes snowboarding. He is a natural!

Time to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Lusie his hungry for popcorn!

Alfred enjoys cotton candy.

Alfred gets to ride on the Merry-go-Round.

and so does Lusie 🙂

Chapter 16: the Boardwalk

Jay is still fixing up the car he bought.

And finally it is done!

To celebrate the family goes to the Boardwalk.

Lusie wins something at the claw machine.

And Jay wins something too.

Lusie enjoys an icecream in the sun.

Alfred loves riding on a horse.

Jay and Lusie try out the new roller coaster. Wheeeeee!

But what Alfred loves most is playing in the sand with his doll.

They spend the whole afternoon at the boardwalk.

Then it is getting cold, so Lusie dresses Alfred in something warm.

Winter has come and when they get home there is lots of snow.

It is the first time Alfred sees snow and he thinks it is amazing!

Chapter 15: Toddler Days

Alfred can fly, before he knows how to walk. How cute!

Now daddy is teaching him to walk, which Alfred masters pretty fast.

It´s the first time Alfred get´s to eat something different than milk. Oh boy he is excited!

The food doesn´t disappoint him. It´s delicious!

After his dinner he is attacked by the claw!

Then his daddy tickles him. Alfred loves it.

Lusie is working on a painting. Can you see what she is painting?

It is a portrait of Alfred! I think Lusie needs some more practise 😉

I´s bedtime, but Alfred isn´t sleepy at all.

Within seconds he is fast asleep.

The next day Lusie gives Alfred his bottle. He still loves it.

Then they go for a walk. Alfred enjoys the rid in his stroller. He sees so many new things!

It is halloween and the family host to a costume party. Lusie is an astronaut and Jay is a rock star. They both look rather silly. Alfred refuses to dress up, so he just goes as himself.

All the guests bring yummy goodies.

Alfred decides to hold his own party.

Isn´t it fun to be a fairy!

Chapter 14: Alfred´s First Birthday

Jay made promotion! Lusie is so proud.

Babies grow up so fast…it is Alfred´s birthday already!

Happy birthday, Alfred!

He looks a lot like his mom. He has got Lusie´s eyes and hair.

Isn´t he cute?!

The birthday cake is delicious.

Alfred is not interested in eating birthday cake. He wants to play with his doll Winnie.

Alfred learns to talk.

He also learns how to use the potty.

Alfred is a really smart cookie.

Chapter 13: the Baby

Jay and Lusie both don´t know much about babies and to be more prepared they read a book about babies.

Lusie goes to the spa for a massage. Her back is killing her. After the visit to the spa she feels great.


Jay found a job at the hospital, to give them a more secure income. His boss wants him to work on his logic skills. Lusie helps Jay to increase his logic skills by playing a game of chess.

The baby is coming!

Jay takes Lusie to the hospital, where she gives birth to a baby boy. They call him Alfred.

Alfred is a fairy, just like his mom. You can´t see his wings yet, but if you look closely you will see magical sparks.

Alfred is such a lucky boy. A family member has send him a special doll.

Jay and Lusie are very proud of their baby boy. They can´t get enough of him and they often check on the baby.

They hope he will grow up into a fine young man.